Journal Excerpt - Dr. Mardo Branderson
March 14, 2042

March 14, 2042

Darkness. Lasting, practically eternal darkness. The light has been gone for so long. Mistakes have been made, and societies have collapsed. No longer does mankind call itself the dominant species. Now, it barely ekes by, simply trying to keep itself from being wiped out.

When the darkness came, the technologies and science of the world ended. Those who clung to their possessions found themselves destroyed. Instead, those who could defend themselves and protect those around them rose to power. Those who had the strongest will to live managed to survive the haunting darkness.

When the darkness came, society collapsed. Whether a nation was led by a democracy, a dictator, or a parliament, it did not matter. All were lost. All were abandoned. Anarchy rose. Crude remnants of order were established by those who were hungry for power. They used whatever manipulation or corrupt means they needed to attempt to turn chaos into control. But chaos and darkness cannot be controlled.

When the darkness came, the old ways returned. Magic once long buried and forgotten reemerged as a new source of power, and in many instances, of survival, As time went on, those who were affected by the changes in the world began to manifest. People who were once human became something else. For some, it was something more powerful, more unique, while others seemed to whither away into creatures of weakness. With the old ways came the old enemies. Monsters that had been nothing more than myths and nightmares became the very real villains of the new world.

When the darkness came, everything fell apart. Out of the ashes of the old rose a new, deadly and hostile world. There was no comfort, no safety. Only fear. Fear and the overpowering will to survive. Mankind may have nearly gone extinct, but the few that survived clung to the futile hope of a future. If you read this, than you are one of those people. One of the fools who believe that you can survive. You cannot. There is no world to protect or save. Only a darkness that cannot be lit.

When the darkness came, the world ended.

-Dr. Mardo Branderson

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